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International Convention & Expo Housing is a global travel booking portal where you effortlessly can book hotels, fixed group departures, holidays and vacation packages in 130+ countries around the world.

Today, booking the right hotel or holiday package has become a time consuming and painful process. International Convention & Expo Housing is a partner to all businesses or organizations that look beyond just their local market place or city to expand sales and notoriety.

International Convention & Expo Housing is your solution to make sure that all travel needs are handled and prepared for you in a care-free manner. A leisure trip or an important business meeting, we specialize in providing multiple accommodations to travelers throughout the world.


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Convenient and Easy Hotel Booking Process

Best Prices

Amazing travel experiences are priceless. With a Best Price Guarantee on all hotels, you always get the best deal.


Wide Selection of Hotels

Offering hotels in 130+ countries and on all continents, easily book your favorite hotel anywhere in the world.


Qualified Hotel Suppliers

We insist on a very high quality service and stay, therefore we only deal with qualified & professional hotel suppliers.


Professional Team

For all hotel accommodations, you can make an enquiry directly with our team members and get a customized hotel offer.


Competitive Rates

ICEH Travel offers you the luxury to book your favorite hotel for the lowest rate available and flexible cancellation policies.


Personalized Trips

Our local travel experts will design a trip that matches your unique interests and special requirements, booking everything.


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